WordPress Minimal Coming soon and Maintenance Mode Offers wonderful solution for a website break



Often you encounter with some impatient visitors when you start a new website. Launching one undoubtedly requires time and hours of hard-work. WordPress offers you some wonderful coming soon plugins to keep your visitors engaged and give you time to launch your website properly.

The right WP plugin spares you the embarrassment of a blank site till it comes to working for live. Your visitors would be busy with the interesting and positive ‘coming soon’ mode. This way you will get a week or a month of time to work on your website properly before launching it and your visitors also won’t get disappointed.

Why should you use a Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode?   

BusinessWhatever may be the niche, the Minimal Coming Soon and Maintenance mode plug-in can serve your purpose. Such as –

  • Keeping the visitors busy while launching the website properly.
  • Fixing the error and bug issues.
  • Redesigning/remodeling the running website.
  • Helps you to easily and quickly set up a ‘coming soon’, or ‘in maintenance mode’, landing page as well.
  • It’s simple and flexible to work with all WP theme and plugin.
  • You get full control over the website, modify it as you wish and check visitors’

Important Features:

  • The PRO version comes with 50+ themes, 26+ Instagram filters, and 47+ spectacular content animations.
  • The PRO version has 400,000 premium images as well.
  • The PRO version also includes SEO preview and analytic tools to ensure your website’s 1strank from day zero.
  • It’s compatible with any WP plugin and theme.
  • It gives a totally customizable look and feel, as for the logo, background color, fonts, cover images etc.
  • You can configure as you wish all the elements of the maintenance page.
  • There are options to preview the maintenance mode or coming soon page before activating the same.
  • It has a vast support system for WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, Endurance Page Cache, WP Fastest Cache, Swift Performance Cache and Site-ground Super Cache.
  • With this plugin, you can rearrange the positions of your page’s elements easily like drag & drop.
  • This WP plugin is capable to easily add custom CSS and HTML.
  • This system collects Emails with Mail Chimp. It gives you full GDPR compliant API support built-in for free.
  • This Plugin sets no cookies as it is GDPR compatible. It shows an optional warning below the email field. Users are free to choose this option in case they want to subscribe to the newsletter.
  • There’s a benefit of multitasking with this plugin. You can use search engines to view the normal website and let visitors see the coming soon page all at once.
  • It supports and works with all custom login URLs.
  • It has 800+ Google Fonts that’ll fit any design of your choice.


So now forget those days when coding a Coming Soon page was a tiresome work, followed by hours of designing and writing HTML and CSS codes. Now just install this WP plug-in and you’ll get a properly functional Coming soon or maintenance mode page within few minutes.

iLobby Visitor Management Flexible And A Customized Option For You


There are so many good reasons to actually use iLobby Visitor Management. You don’t have to always look for software updates and help when you have this visitor management right beside you. This item is stated to be multi-lingual, which forms a great deal of reason to use this over others. Just to help you stay connected with your visitors, iLobby interface can support all languages. If you want to load multiple languages and let visitors decide on their comfortable one, you can do that by asking the visitors to help you out. Just log online to learn more about it.

Flexible and customized platform:

This platform is stated to be rather flexible in nature and created on a responsive and fluid framework. That makes it rather usable regardless of the environment or device. Whether you are planning to run your software in a 10 inches screen or in a 40 inches display, you can do that easily. You will be rest assured that your experience will turn out to be a flawless one for sure. This is definitely going to help you big time in this regard and help you get the best solution you have ever asked for right away.

Legally compliant is the key:Business

You have to select software, which is legally complaint and that’s what exactly you can expect to get from iLobby. It helps in presenting some of the healthy questionnaires and other legal documents with NDA, which will help you to gain proper access to the said environment. In case the visitors pass or failed to answer the questions, your staff will be informed about that right from the first till last. It will be covered up with signatures and will be stored right in the cloud for some future retrieval needs if any for sure.

The Three Advantages of Text to Speech Software


Text to speech software will convert the written text into speech. This is a new technology and it offers numerous benefits to business houses, bloggers, consumers, personal users and educational institutions. If you are a business house and willing to make new business strategies to attract new customers or may be a personal user willing to learn a new language. You may be looking for a new voice to your text; in this situation, you can use text to speech generator in several ways.

In this article, we will discuss several benefits of text to speech technology for personal users as well as businesses. Here are some of the key advantages of using this software.

For commuters

This was a hectic day and after returning home, you want to relax your eyes. At this point of time when you are tired, you do not want to read anything, but you need to go through a lot of content. A couple of years back there was no technology, which could help you in this scenario, but nowadays you can use text to speech software. This software will read every word aloud and they have an option to regulate the pace of the selected voice. There are several voices available, which you can choose based on clarity and understanding. This is a new trend in the market and there are several apps, which are also giving the option to transform the written text. Giving the flexibility to transform the online text into voice is a growing trend whether the niche is sports, business, technology, entertainment or news. With the advanced technology, you can listen the written text just by clicking on a button.


People who are willing to learn a new language

Listening a language serves as a powerful tool in learning a new language. When you hear the sounds and flow of the sentence of a particular language, research has proved that your mind grasp it properly. At the same time, you will come to know about the right pronunciation of that language. If you can speak properly, then you do not have go for an expensive tutor. This text to speech generator will help you learn a new language. This software provides you the freedom to learn whenever you wish. Text to speech software will help you in e learning.

People with learning disabilities

Dyslexic patient cannot read properly because this is a learning disability. In this kind of disability, patient cannot differentiate between similar sounds. This software will help the patient go through the entire content flawlessly.

How to check website vulnerability online and protect it from threats?


We are living in the age of internet and there are a lot of people that use it on regular basis. Many individuals are running businesses online. Some of you might have websites up and running while some may have them under development. It is worth noticing that there are cyber threats all around and one should never overlook them. They can harm your website is many ways and one should be aware of the possible threats and loop holes in his or her website (if any). One way of doing it is to check website vulnerability online and here is how you can do it.

Get a trustworthy software

There are a number of different websites that will allow you to come up and check your website’s vulnerability. Some of them are paid while others work for free. There are many people who do not like the paid versions while some think that the free ones are of no use. Regardless of the category in which you fall, one should always consider going for the sources that are trustworthy and reliable. The last thing you want when checking the website’s vulnerability is to end up with false report that can cause great concern and disturbance among the developers and site owners.

BusinessVulnerability scan

There are some websites that are trustworthy and come with easy to use interface. For instance, the Positive Technology’s vulnerability scan software is free and simple to use. All you need to do is to go to the website and reach out to check website vulnerability online. There, you can enter the URL of your website and click on scan. On next page, you have to enter your details i.e. your name, email, and a few other basic credentials before you can proceed. As you move ahead, the scan info will be sent to you as an email.

So, go out and check your website’s vulnerability today. Get to know if there are any loop holes in your site and, if there are problems, do not waste any time in fixing it. You never know when a hacker starts working on your site.

How to make the Donation Procedure for Non-Profits Firms Easier? An Overview of Donorbox


The incorporation of the internet has changed the entire landscape of the global economy. No longer is business limited to a specific demographic. The advancement of infrastructure and information technology has elevated every industry on a whole new level. The online game is more active and relevant than ever before. However, it is to be noted that just merely developing a website is indeed not enough for non-profit making firms. To survive in the age of the internet, such firms must rely upon easy to use and user-friendly websites which also shelters the option of an adequate donation platform.

BusinessUnlike any other donation program, Donorbox stands out from the rest. The free donation software is easy to use, operate and control. It is efficient as it can function at high speed which in turn, increases the optimization level of generating donations in the long run. As of 2018, more than 10,000 non-profit making firms located over 25 different countries are utilizing this donation platform. Such is the popularity of Donorbox in the current market.

The software is straightforward to install as it is available on the Word Press plugin and can be found by merely identifying it on the search bar present. Below mentioned are some of the many features of Donorbox software.

  • Free of Cost:The software is free of cost during the initial stages. No charges are applicable within the bracket of one thousand dollars on a monthly basis. A minor trade fee is taxed at 1% if the donation bracket of $1,000 is exceeded. Other donation platforms operating within the industry usually charge 3-5% of the monthly donation obtained. Thus, non-profit making firms tend to opt for Donorbox for its economical features.
  • Safety and Security:The option of protection becomes an essential element as soon as there is any form of financial involvement. The Stripe’s security program is used in Donorbox which ensures that all the transactions that are being made are safely executed. The essential financial data such as donors banking credentials are wiped away after the completion of any particular financial undertaking.
  • Options concerning Payment Gateway:Donorbox caters to several donors located all around the world. The forms maintained can be accessed in 6 different languages right from English to Portuguese. Acceptance of donations made in various currencies is not a problem for Donorbox. This feature makes the payment gateway option much more accessible and simplified in nature. It also provides a great platform to collect a higher donation amount in the long run.

Successfully managing the operations of a non-profit organization can be a challenging task altogether. Incorporation of a donation software such as Donorbox helps immensely to function at an efficient level on a day-to-day basis.