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Bulk text messages are adopted by many business organizations. If you are in the following sector you should consider using bulk text messages

Tours and Travel Industry

Can use to promote their services that is various tour packages, honeymoon. They can also send festive season offers to their existing clientele to encourage repeat bookings. They can also send updates of the itinerary, alert the clients on delays or emergency happenings. This has the potential in promoting tourism and tour companies in the country.

For IT/Internet service providers

Presently internet has become has a vital part of the day to day life. There is an increase in the number of internet users in the country leading to the internet service providers needing to reach all their clients in the shortest time. Bulk text messages can come in handy when sending notifications of password reset, server downtime notification and when incorporating new systems.

For Educational Institutions 

It can be physically impossible or not make any financial sense to send text messages to thousands of students or parents individually from your mobile phone. Schools can use bulk SMS to send admission alerts, confirmation of admission. Send messages to parents for school opening and closing dates. When school fees are due and fees payment acknowledgment message.

For Restaurants, Hotels, and Resorts

In the last decade, it was a time-consuming affair and expensive for the hospitality industry to send offers and advertise their services with the use of fliers. A lot has changed and most of them are embracing the use of bulk text messaging. It can be used to send offer detail for example the pay for three nights and spend four deals. Restaurants can use it to send menu updates, tables of reservations, and confirmation of table booking.

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Though the SMS marketing trend is setting in slowly, surely in near future it will grow bigger and bigger for Hotels and Resorts.

For Banks and financial institutions 

Sending bulk text messages for every deposit and withdrawal to the account holders. The account holders can also ask for balance or passwords, the bank can send messages in advance when the services are down to avoid inconveniences and the account holders can prepare in advance

For Retailers

Retailers need to have a connection with customers. Bulk texting is an affordable and convenient means to keep in touch. SMS can be used to promote brands and new arrivals, weekly and monthly offers also discounts that are in the retail store.

For Real Estate Agents 

 The real estate industry has amassed enormous investments; this indicates potential for market growth in a large economy. For agents to manage a large number of rental properties can use bulk messaging to contact buyers especially if it is a matter of urgency. The buyers are then able to act on it.

For airlines and the Aviation industry

With the introduction of the low-cost airline, it has become affordable to fly and many middle-class families have adopted traveling by air. Airlines can send bulk SMS for special offers on flight tickets.