Microsoft Cloud ERP

Microsoft Cloud ERP and its application in business

What is Microsoft Cloud ERP?

Cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a cloud-based software where you can manage all the operations of your enterprise. The cloud will give you an interface where you have access to all your data. This will increase the efficiency and productivity of your business. Many businesses are already turning this technology into managing company affairs. microsoft cloud erp has a new addition in ERP named Microsoft Business Central, which is based on Dynamics NAV to serve the need of small and medium-sized businesses.

Let’s know what this Microsoft Dynamics NAV is based on the new ERP.

What is Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

It provides an integrated solution for all the operations to bring agility to the business, give you insights to make better decisions, ultimately scale the business. With Dynamics NAV, you can control operations such as finance, inventory, human resource, and so much more.

What’s changed? Why Microsoft Business Central?

With Microsoft Business Central or Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft tried to combine all its ERP and CRM products on one platform. So, now with Dynamics 365, the enterprise can operate all the work easily and customer relations at one stop. This will help small and medium-sized companies improve efficiency and increase productivity to get higher profits.

microsoft cloud erp

Business application of Microsoft cloud ERP- Dynamics 365


The automated process of cloud ERP dynamics 365 helps you manage your financial work more efficiently. With dynamics 365, you can get financial reports, proper financial decision analysis, and AI-driven insights. Thus, assist you in taking profitable financial decisions for your business.

Sales & Marketing

With cloud ERP, you can meet customer expectations, increasing the sales of your product and services. Also, learn what your customer expects, what’s trending in the market, and help in deciding your market strategy.

Customer Relation Management

With Dynamics 365, you can improve your relationships with your customer by disruption-free communication with your customers and efficiently managing your delivery process.

Human Resources

With dynamics 365, your employee has access to information and data they need for work without manually asking for it, making the work done quicker and faster.


The automation process of dynamics 365 assist you in managing inventory, logistics department, predicting the demand for the product, and help you deliver the product on time, predicting disruption and responding quickly, and enhance your future planning.


Cloud ERP protects your data from any cyber mishaps. With Microsoft Azure Cloud, your data is perfectly secure.