How to make the Donation Procedure for Non-Profits Firms Easier? An Overview of Donorbox

The incorporation of the internet has changed the entire landscape of the global economy. No longer is business limited to a specific demographic. The advancement of infrastructure and information technology has elevated every industry on a whole new level. The online game is more active and relevant than ever before. However, it is to be noted that just merely developing a website is indeed not enough for non-profit making firms. To survive in the age of the internet, such firms must rely upon easy to use and user-friendly websites which also shelters the option of an adequate donation platform.

BusinessUnlike any other donation program, Donorbox stands out from the rest. The free donation software is easy to use, operate and control. It is efficient as it can function at high speed which in turn, increases the optimization level of generating donations in the long run. As of 2018, more than 10,000 non-profit making firms located over 25 different countries are utilizing this donation platform. Such is the popularity of Donorbox in the current market.

The software is straightforward to install as it is available on the Word Press plugin and can be found by merely identifying it on the search bar present. Below mentioned are some of the many features of Donorbox software.

  • Free of Cost:The software is free of cost during the initial stages. No charges are applicable within the bracket of one thousand dollars on a monthly basis. A minor trade fee is taxed at 1% if the donation bracket of $1,000 is exceeded. Other donation platforms operating within the industry usually charge 3-5% of the monthly donation obtained. Thus, non-profit making firms tend to opt for Donorbox for its economical features.
  • Safety and Security:The option of protection becomes an essential element as soon as there is any form of financial involvement. The Stripe’s security program is used in Donorbox which ensures that all the transactions that are being made are safely executed. The essential financial data such as donors banking credentials are wiped away after the completion of any particular financial undertaking.
  • Options concerning Payment Gateway:Donorbox caters to several donors located all around the world. The forms maintained can be accessed in 6 different languages right from English to Portuguese. Acceptance of donations made in various currencies is not a problem for Donorbox. This feature makes the payment gateway option much more accessible and simplified in nature. It also provides a great platform to collect a higher donation amount in the long run.

Successfully managing the operations of a non-profit organization can be a challenging task altogether. Incorporation of a donation software such as Donorbox helps immensely to function at an efficient level on a day-to-day basis.