Comrade Digital Marketing Agency: Online And Offline Mode

In this era, everyone has come across this term, but do you think it is a modern advertisement practice? Answering this is a big ‘NO.’ I feel great to inform you that this is a 120 years old practice! After many years people of Comrade got to know that they can purchase plastic bags containing milk in them, but why it took years to reach a bigger audience? Because they were lacking in promoting their product. So, on examining this incident, we agree on one thing that promoting our product can lead to greater profit.

Now another question arises that is how to promote our products? There are many ways to do it, but the most effective one is the Comrade Digital Marketing agency. Oh! What does it mean? From where is it coined? Etc. Are frequently asked questions. Digital marketing means promoting or advertising your product or service through digital technologies, and it was coined in 1990 when some companies got to know that they need a team who can do a job of marketing for their company.

Offline Mode

  • Offline mode was started with the invention of the radio; we hear ads in-between radio shows.
  • With the intelligence of humanity, we got a television, which became a boon for digital marketing. We can create fancy ads and display them to a wide and big audience. Today, many big companies believe TV is the best way to promote as it gets the attention of a whole house.
  • Moving forward, we have mobile phones, and many firms believe in the man-to-man talk, so they directly call or message a person and promote their things. But this is the most annoying way I think, especially the calls from Sim Card Company very irritating, we can count this in offline mode, but I won’t suggest this.
  • We have billboards. It is a very ancient way of advertising, but billboards with digital technology came into existence later. We have LED billboards that are used to showcase your product. We can also put videos, gifs, and animated pictures on it.

Coming this far, we know the basic history and its proper meaning, but how to go deep into it, and how should we apply it in practice? For comrade digital marketing agency, we have two ways online and offline. Offline mode was used for many years because online mode got popular in 8-10 years only.