Check Original iPhone Warranty the Easy Way

If indeed the iPhone you are using is still under the Apple manufacturer’s warranty, then there are some things that you can do exclusively. These things cannot be obtained if your guarantee is up, in the trending times the iPhone 12 offers smartphones the most in-demand in the community.

Some of these include:

Of course, you can contact Apple Support either by phone, email, or chat. By telephone, you can contact them for free. So you can consult the problems you are experiencing regarding your iPhone.

You can also agree to deliver your iPhone to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store closest to where you live.

Register iPhone with Apple Care +. If your warranty runs out, of course, you should register your iPhone to Apple Care, because later you can reduce repair costs if things happen to your iPhone.

Some Special Terms Regarding iPhone Warranty

Now if you already know whether the iPhone you have is still bound by Apple’s warranty or not, it’s time for you to read some important provisions regarding the iPhone warranty. So that the existing warranty is not canceled.

Warranty void – there are some things that you cannot claim regarding the warranty provided by Apple. Among them are the following:

Components that can last a lifetime. Some of the consumable components include the iPhone battery, a special protective layer that is consumable. But with the exception, if the component is indeed damaged due to defects in material and/or production defects.

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Physical damage such as scratches both rough and smooth, dents on the cellphone, and broken in the port. Exceptions are also given if the physical damage is caused by defects in material and/or production defects.

iPhone damage caused by using third-party products that don’t meet Apple’s specifications. For example, you buy some plugs, connectors, or converters that are not listed and/or do not meet the standards from Apple. If then your iPhone is damaged then you cannot claim the warranty.

iPhone damage due to accidents, misuse that is not following its purpose, fire, exposure to liquids, accidents such as earthquakes, and causes due to external damage.

iPhone damage due to operation that is not by the instructions issued by Apple.

Damage to the iPhone due to repair or upgrading carried out not by Apple representatives or authorized service providers by Apple.

iPhone damage due to special modifications in function without written permission from Apple.

iPhone damage resulting from its reasonable lifetime.

If you can’t prove that the item is yours, or if Apple receives information from the police that the product was stolen, or if you can’t unlock the activated passcode.

There is no guarantee for content or media – besides that Apple also does not recognize any guarantees regarding the media or files or contents of the iPhone that you are using. Therefore, always back up any files that you store in it.

If you use a warranty service, for example, because there is damage and the like, your iPhone will be returned to the same as the first time you bought it, aka it is clean and empty, so of course, you must have complete data back up.

The rights you can get – if it is by the regulations, of course, you can apply for a warranty to Apple. If you apply for a warranty, there are several possibilities that you can get from Apple:

Get new components or old components but their performance is at least equivalent to new components.

Replacing an iPhone product with the same product.

Exchange iPhone products for the amount of money that you paid when you first bought them.

This option can be discussed further later. So if you decide to replace the components or iPhone that you have. You will get a 90-day warranty back after replacement or repair.