Are There 3rd Party Internet Service Providers for Conventions?

Internet service is just all about internet service, isn’t it? You look for a service provider in your place, connect it and you can get started surfing online. This sounds simple but the truth is that choosing the right internet service provider tends to be more complex for events. It doesn’t matter if you already have an existing internet service you wish to upgrade or you want to renew your current contract, there are several things you have to consider when choosing a 3rd party ISP for convention.

Type of Connection

Internet service has two main types, namely high availability and standard service. The standard service includes choices such as DSL and cable and usually provides higher speeds yet with lower reliability and quality of service. Most of the time, this option is much cheaper. On the other hand, high availability service offers an SLA for uptime that sometimes goes beyond 99.99% or around 2 hours of downtime annually.

Connection Speed

Internet Service Providers

Calculating the speed requirements of your convention can be a bit complicated yet it is extremely essential to make sure that there is enough speed for the event usage that include peaks. The last thing you want is to frustrate the attendees because you don’t pay for adequate bandwidth for the event.

Timeframe and Availability

Although having high availability fiber optic access is ideal, not everyone has this particular option. New areas of construction might even have limited availability of DSL and cable internet because no service lines are established yet.


For instances when there is extreme need to be connected at all times and you simply cannot afford a minute or two of downtime, you will want to ensure that there is some redundancy level. Redundancy is the failover internet connection switching once the main line goes down.

Cost Efficiency

Finally, it is important to choose a cost efficient ISP for convention to ensure that it will be easy on your budget and you can still get a good quality of internet for all attendees to enjoy.