Yahoo – the best and safe mailing service for you

Mailing is one of the popular ways to communicate with your superiors in office. Every company has their own mailing address for their employees. Also there are some common emails which will be helpful for people to communicate with others. Every email has their own benefits and disadvantages. When it comes to gmail you can instantly chat with people who are there in your contact but when it comes to hotmail or yahoo you don’t have this option.

Among all the email provides yahoo mail is the first one who provides this service to people. The below are some of the best features that you should know about the yahoo mail when it was found.

  • Yahoo has a wonderful advertisement page which will be helpful for you to know what is happening all around the world.
  • You can easily synchronize your other electronic devices like mobile or table to this mailing service. This will greatly helps you to be updated on the recent notifications.
  • You can easily use all folders in the mail box, also there is a folder called spam folder, whether the messages are to be blocked or to be saved for later use.
  • Generally yahoo keeps your mails for 90 days and will delete the mail automatically to preserve memory space.
  • You can get about 1 gb of storage space to save your mails.
  • You can transfer any types of files within 25 mb in a mail.
  • This gives you an option of increasing your reach per mail to different people at a time. With the help of bcc you can send a same mail to multiple persons at same time.
  • All personal details which you have provided while signing up in yahoo kept secret. Also there is a team which will be tracking your mail id to keep it safe.
  • You will a notification when your mail id is opened from an unknown ip address or from other devices. This will keep you alter and to protect your id in a safe manner.

These are some of the basic features which you will get by having an account in yahoo. It is very easy to sign up with yahoo and it will guide you in a step by step process and the sign up process may take 2 to 3 minutes. As it is very easy to signup you can do it by yourself. Compared to other mailing services it is very safe to use this yahoo to be safe and secured in today’s world. There are many hackers who are waiting to hack and erase all your data. Hence it is your responsibility to be safe and secured.