Why You Need Security Information And Event Management

Why You Need Security Information And Event Management

As you company expands,it becomes a matter of pride. However, this comes at the cost of increasing data and information to be stored safely and taken care of. As there is more data and information out there, the chances of cybercrime increases. While data theft is one concern, these days,people put the data to wrong use instead of stealing it. The classic example of this is using the devices for bitcoin mining.

By 2021, the damage that cybercrime costs globally would shoot up to about $6 trillion. This is reason enough for any company to be very vigilant and take the job of cyber security seriously. Security Information and Event Management, abbreviated as SIEM solution plays a major role in providing security for data.

Fastens reaction

SIEM platforms are designedin such a way that when they are configured the right way and are monitored, they help in preventing cyber threats. Even as an attack happens, you can act upon it faster than otherwise.

Makes the management easier

The log data of every department contains the details about any attacks in the past. After a certain point of time, it’s too much data to be taken care of by a few employees. And even so, these employees would be prone to making human errors. If you have SIEM solution, it collects and aggregates all the data that is relevant and makes the management of this collected data a lot easier.

SIEM solution

Easy reporting

A security information and event management system does the reporting for you. This means, if there are instances of multiple login attempts or any other activity that seems unusual, suspected to be a malware, the SIEM platform would take note of that and report it. This takes away a good amount of stress off of your head.

Helps stay updated

As compared to the manual way of keeping records and preventing attacks, SIEM is a tech-savvy way that saves time and increases efficiency. This is what every growing business aims to have to decrease the focus of manpower on the manual tasks and increase the efficiency and focus on other important tasks.

Being a victim to cybercrime would cost you a lot and can be a major setback for your business. It only makes sense to invest in an SIEM service so that you can dodge any kind of threat to your data and make sure your business does well without any obstacles. Once the security of the ever increasing amount of data is taken care of, you can devote all your attention and resources to growing your business without any worries.