All the Amazing Things about Farming Simulator 19

All the Amazing Things about Farming Simulator 19

The Farming Simulator series has been one of the best farming simulator games ever. With the newest version of Farming Simulator, that is the 19th part of the series, people who love the game have big expectations and would definitely want to know more about the game. The trailer didn’t fail to excite the fans with some amazing features like being able to ride a horse in the game for the first time. Here are some more amazing facts about Farming Simulator 19 that you need to know if you’re up to playing the game.

You get better graphics

Farming Simulator is not just about how the game works, but more about the visual appeal too. The latest version of Farming Simulator comes with better and more impressive graphics as compared to the other versions. You will witness all the new machinery coming from big brands being a part of the game, which makes it more interesting. The developers have put in a lot of effort to stay as up to date to give players a real experience whenplaying the game.

No extra purchases

So many games come with the hassle of having to buy different machinery and crops at an extra price, despite already buying the game. The best thing about Farming Simulator 19 is that it gives much relief to players who have bought the game; you have everything without having to spend an extra buck. You get brand new machines, different kinds of horses, and even new crops in the game. All of this comes for free once you have paid for the game.

Farming Simulator 19 free

Co-op is a thing

Among other new things, you can now also play this game with other players. If you play Farming Simulator 19 on the PS4, the game has a co-op option. With so many other popular games that offer multiplayer options, it’s good that the developers realized it wouldn’t be fair to not have a co-op option for players who have been playing the game religiously for years.


If you’re bored of being the only person in the game, you can include up to 6 more players to play along with you. In the co-op mode, you get to assign various tasks to different people to look after your farm and help take care of different things.

Variety in maps

You also get to choose the map based on how big or small a farm you would like to maintain. If you want to have a bigger farm, you can choose the American map that has bigger fields. However, if you would rather play with a smaller field, the European map would be good for you.

If you have not bought the gameyet, you should definitely try Farming Simulator 19 free. With so many things to do when playing this game, there is no better way to kill time when you’re bored.