Ways to Protect Yourself from a Possible Facebook Hack

Ways to Protect Yourself from a Possible Facebook Hack

Being a victim of a Facebook hack is not an experience that you want to add to your resume. There are many ways that having your Facebook hacked could negatively affect your life. You wouldn’t want to risk any of these, we tell you.

How Being Hacked Can Wreck Your Life

Here are just a few of the ways that having your Facebook hacked can destroy your life, and your relationships.

  • Your identity gets stolen
    If you’re unable to recover your account, you could lose your online identity forever. If you’re using your Facebook for business, the hacker has a lot of freedom to taint your business personality. This could mean lots of lost business and income.
  • Your relationships with other people get destroyed
    For example, if you’ve got some personally compromising pictures that you’ve uploaded under the “Only Me” setting on Facebook, the hacker can recover those and spread them around. You could say goodbye to your personal reputation once your account is compromised.
  • Your financial account can get compromised too
    If you’ve connected your bank account to Facebook, those details could get stolen as well. It’s a fact that people use credit or debit cards to boost Facebook posts or purchase game credits.

Thus, it’s important to take your own precautions to avoid being a victim of a Facebook hack. We’ll show you a few circumstances in which you could get hacked, and how to avoid it.

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Ways Through Which You May Be Opening Yourself Up for Hacking

With today’s technology, you’re likely to be hacked if you’re doing the following things with your Facebook account:

  • Connecting your Facebook account to your phone and making it public
    Facebook’s two-step verification is a double-edged sword. By connecting your phone number to your Facebook account, you can find out right away if someone is trying to access your account. This way, you can step in and change your password immediately. However, making your phone number public on your profile can also mean hackers can use it to hack your account.
  • Using obvious details as your password
    You could be using your nickname, your email address, or your birthday as a password. If you’ve left some of these details on your profile, the hacker can easily guess what your password is like a walk in the park.

Bear these tips in mind and you won’t have to worry about being victimized by a Facebook hacker.